Metroplex Cabinets Door & Drawer Front Order Form

Order Date: ___/___/______

Pick Up All Orders From: 3100 Walton St, Corinth Tx 76208

Fill out and Fax to: 940-497-2121 if busy 497-0177 *** Desired P/U Date____/_____/ _________
Company: ________________________
Door Material _________________________  
Contact: __________________________ Door Style ____________________________
Phone: ___________________________ Door Panel Profile ______________________
Address: __________________________ Door Edge Profile_______________________  
Job ID #___________________________ Cope & Stick Profile ____________________
  Hinge Type ___________________________
Note: All Dimensions Are For Door / Drawer Fronts Actual Finished Size!!!
Errors due to customer dimensions that require rebuilds will be at customers expense
               Doors / Drawer Fronts will be built to your dimensions below.
         HR=HingeRight HL=Hinge Left;  Use these only for Arched or Pattern Top Doors.

"Door" Dimensions Below:

"Drawer Front" Dimensions Below:

"We Mill To The Actual Sizes Listed Below"
"We Mill To The Actual Sizes Listed Below"
Qty Width Height HR HL Qty Width Height    
A           AA      
B           BB      
C           CC      
D           DD      
E           EE      
F           FF      
G           GG      
H           HH      
I           II      
J           JJ      
K           KK      
L           LL      
M           MM      
N           NN      
O           OO      
P           PP      
Q           QQ      
R           RR      
S           SS      
T           TT      
U           UU      
V           VV      
W           WW      
X           XX      
Y           YY