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RTF / MDF---CnC milling RTF "Route To Face"

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 Solid MDF RTF Doors 300 Series
  DR 305 Slab MDF Smooth Face  
New to come
New to come
New to come

RTF/MDF "Route To Face" Doors

Finally... a resolution eliminating panel joint cracking on cabinet doors. The uncontrollable expanding and contracting of wood, along with the panels shifting inside the cope-stick rails will often crack the paint. This then requires re-caulk and re-painting.

The solution is through milling into a one piece MDF squared, double refined board. Several available designs are CnC programmed and milled into the solid material. Most importantly...it eliminates the panel shifts that occur with the typical multi-piece doors. Therefore no caulk & re-painting necessary due to joint issues. The CnC machinery for milling these are very pricey, but the finished product and customer long term satisfaction is well worth the investment!


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